Be a Part of the Tradition

Membership at Shaughnessy Golf and Country Club is about being a part of an exclusive, yet inclusive, community of active people who share a passion for sport and camaraderie. It’s about being part of a club that makes its members a promise. A club that’s rich in history, yet focused on the future. A lifestyle where friendships and business relationships grow and thrive.

Most of all, it’s a member experience unlike any other private club in Vancouver.
Whether you’re passionate about golf, tennis, or the social benefits of membership.

Membership Opportunities


Junior members—between 12 and 20 years of age—enjoy golf and tennis privileges.


Available to individuals over 21 years of age, Term memberships are non-voting and expire in November, 2032. Term memberships are available in the following categories, with the same privileges as non-term members:
  • Golf with Tennis
  • Golf
  • Associate Golf with Tennis
  • Associate Golf
  • Tennis

Inquire about Membership


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If you would prefer to speak with us directly, email or call Vaughn Marshall at 604-266-4155.