As Our Guest

While Shaughnessy Golf & Country Club offers a relaxed and inviting environment, please note that we're a private club with guidelines in place to ensure everyone’s enjoyment. Members and their guests are kindly asked to adhere to the following policies.



Business and Technology

Cellular phones, tablets, and laptops are not to be used anywhere on Club property except in the case of a medical emergency or in the following areas:

  • Parking Lot
  • Designated Phone Booths
  • Club’s Private Meeting Rooms

However, personal handheld devices may be used for non-verbal, discrete, and silent information purposes.

Business papers, briefcases, and business meeting materials are not permitted in the Sequoia Room, A.V. Macan Lounge, Garden Lounge, 19th Hole or Tennis Centre unless permitted by the General Manager. Members may make advance arrangements with the Club Event Coordinator for the use of a private room for business purposes. Private rooms are subject to availability and applicable fees.


All Guests are required to be registered by a Member. A Member may register their guest at the following areas: the Golf Shop, the Tennis Centre Front Desk or the Host Stand in the upper Clubhouse entrance hall.

Members are responsible for their guests and are expected to advise them of the Club Rules before they arrive on the Club property.

Dress Code

All Members and Guests are required to respect the Club's dress code and maintain a level of dress appropriate for a private club.

The Board of Directors has instructed management to bring any Rules violations to the attention of the Member immediately, including violations made by invited guests. Anyone who does not take corrective action to address the violation in question will be denied services. All such violations will be reported to the General Manager.


Members and guests are expected to wear tidy and appropriate attire in the various Club areas (course, courts, fitness, clubhouse, etc.).

Denim appropriate for a private club and in good repair – without any rips, tears, frayed ends or holes, and worn appropriately – is permitted. Denim is not permitted on the golf course or practice areas.

Club Property

Not Acceptable


  • Beach wear, including board shorts and visible partial or full bathing suits or bathing-suit-style attire

  • Cargo shorts and pants (signified by gusseted pockets)

  • Caps and clothing bearing logos, emblems, slogans, numbers and illustrations not related to golf or tennis

  • Hats and caps with peaks worn backwards


  • Collarless t-shirts


  • Halter-style tops, tank tops, bare midriffs

  • Shorts, skorts or skirts shorter than mid-thigh length, including if worn over tights

On the Golf Course

Accepted Attire on the Golf Course and Golf Practice Areas


  • Collared shirts, tucked in at all times

  • Full-length slacks, plus fours with stockings and Bermuda-style shorts, no shorter than three inches (3”) above the knee

  • Golf shirts with sleeves and collars, turtlenecks or mock necks; all must be tucked in

  • Golf sandals, with or without socks

  • Golf-branded hooded sweatshirts


  • Tailored slacks, capris pants, plus fours, Bermuda shorts, skirts or dresses no shorter than mid-thigh length

  • Shirts with collar and/or sleeves

Not Acceptable


  • Hard spikes

  • Fitness attire, including sweatpants and athletic shorts

  • Non-golf-branded Hooded “hoodie” sweatshirts (hoods are acceptable on outerwear)

  • Any clothing bearing a corporate logo that is not associated with golf, including sports team logos

  • Exercise pants not intended for golf, including yoga-style pants

  • Socks may not be folded over, rolled down or saggy

On the Tennis Courts

Accepted Attire on the Tennis Courts


  • White clothes, with no more than ten percent (10%) coloured imprints for trim

  • Non-marking tennis-specific footwear (may include colour)

  • Sweaters, warm-up suits and headwear may be white or coloured; coloured items must be removed within twenty (20) minutes

Please note that Tennis Events with differing dress codes will be advertised as such in the Green and on the Shaughnessy website.

Not Acceptable


  • T-shirts, street clothing, non-tennis athletic wear, clothing in poor, torn or soiled condition or clothing deemed inappropriate or offensive by Club Management


  • Sleeveless shirts

Lower Floor of the Clubhouse
  • Attire worn on the Golf Course or Tennis Courts is acceptable. Please note that Fitness Centre attire is only suitable for the walk to and from the Fitness Centre to the Locker Rooms.

Upper Floor of the Clubhouse Including Patios

Not Acceptable

  • Fitness attire

  • Collarless t-shirts

  • Hooded sweatshirts (with the exception of golf-branded hooded sweatshirts)

  • Towels

  • Hats and other headgear (except on the 19th Hole and Garden Lounge patios)

Upon completion of their activities, golf and tennis Members and their guests are expected to refresh themselves, which includes changing into a fresh, dry outfit when appropriate. Warm-up pants and jackets or sweaters are required for those wearing golf or tennis attire, except during the warm weather season (May – September, prior to 5:00 p.m. each day).

Special Events

Where special events permit clothing that differs from the dress code, these occasions will be clearly advertised to Members through the monthly Green newsletter, website or sign-up methods.



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